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Duke's Journey

Laser Therapy

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Hello All,

Well I went to the vet last night and it was actually neat.  We got there and we had to wait a while but that was ok because I received lots of attention.  They called me and my Mom to the back and I got to lay on a nice blanket while wearing these cool glasses.  The technician rubbed a laser on my leg and now I don’t have the twitching anymore.  I think my Mom is going to take me every week.  That means more treats and head rubs.  That’s all the news I have for today.  Later…


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Duke, Slow Down!!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hello All,

I have finally started going into the backyard with my brother Bubba and I get to play, well when he lets me.  I still get tired quickly and he’s not sure about playing with me.  My Dad has been taking me outside and playing with me too but I know he worries about me hurting my other leg so I try not to do too much.

I went for a car ride yesterday to the pet store…they love me there.  I get so much attention when I go out and I know Bubba is getting jealous about it.  He is the cute Border Collie.  The best part is the treats I get.  The baked cookies were on sale so Mom bought me and Bubba some.

Mom said my onesie came in at the vet today.  She makes me wear them and I secretly like wearing them but I will never admit it.  They are like someone is hugging me all the time.

My Daddy has been home all weekend and I have been sleeping in bed with him when Mom goes to work.  They put the bed on the floor so I could get up with them.  I missed sleeping with Dad in the morning when Mom leaves but now that I’m gaining strength it is a lot easier to get up.

Have to go for my Nap before Mom gets home.


The Beginning


My name is Duke and I’m a cancer survivor since Jan. 8, 2018.  It was Dec. 2017 when I started to notice a pain in my right ankle.  It began to swell and become hard, my Mom thought I had sprained my ankle and she iced it till I felt better.  The pain seemed to go away until closer to Christmas when I started limping and I didn’t want to run around anymore.  One day my Mom decided it was time to visit the Vet and at the Vet I get lots of treats.  The vet always has the good treats on the counter.  I even was able to go in the back for more hugs and treats until they put me under this thing (X-Ray).  This thing is what told my Mom I had Cancer.  That’s was the beginning of where I am now.

I had my amputation on my right leg on Jan. 8 and since then I have been in the crate at home when Mom goes out.  I don’t know where she goes but says its work, whatever that is.  Did I say that I HATE the Crate and the cone, I cant forget about the cone.  Mom lets me out when she gets home and takes my cone off.  I get to go out in the front yard with Mom, I don’t know why but she says I have to.  I would rather be in the back with my brother Bubba to bark and play.

I don’t mind not having my leg, it doesn’t bother me anymore and its not in the way.  I feel great and I can get around just like I did before just in a different way.  My Mom is always saying Slow Down but I don’t know what that means.  I just want to run around.

This is where I am today.  Soon I should be able to go outside and play with Bubba.  I hope I still keep getting the treats though.