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Duke's Journey


Dog Fair


Today Bubba and I went to the Dog Fair. I was able to walk around without any issue and I accidentally pooped on Moms shoe.  Bubba got a new collar with squirrels on it.  He hates squirrels.


Curly Hair

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Hello All,

I’m starting to get the hair back on my leg now but it is coming in curly along my scar.  Weird. It’s still a golden colour and I’m hoping that it gets a little darker and has some more red in it to match the rest of my body.  It’s kind of itchy but it’s getting better.  You can’t even tell there is a scar there

I went for my first car ride, that wasn’t to the vet, on Monday.  I went to my Gramma and Grampa’s house with my Mom and Bubba.  I was really tired being in the car for a while but Mom stopped a couple of times so I could stretch.  I can get out of the car on my own now but I still can’t get in on my own so Mom and Dad have to help me.  I have learned that if I sit by the door I can stick my head out and feel the wind.

Mom had to bring a baby gate so I wouldn’t go up stairs.  Mom stayed down stairs so I didn’t want to up stairs anyways.  I love Going there because Grampa always gives us treats, even when Moms not looking.  😉

Well, that is what I did last week.  I go to my next laser treatment tomorrow. Yay


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Laser Therapy

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hello All,

Well I went to the vet last night and it was actually neat.  We got there and we had to wait a while but that was ok because I received lots of attention.  They called me and my Mom to the back and I got to lay on a nice blanket while wearing these cool glasses.  The technician rubbed a laser on my leg and now I don’t have the twitching anymore.  I think my Mom is going to take me every week.  That means more treats and head rubs.  That’s all the news I have for today.  Later…


Duke, Slow Down!!

Hello All,

I have finally started going into the backyard with my brother Bubba and I get to play, well when he lets me.  I still get tired quickly and he’s not sure about playing with me.  My Dad has been taking me outside and playing with me too but I know he worries about me hurting my other leg so I try not to do too much.

I went for a car ride yesterday to the pet store…they love me there.  I get so much attention when I go out and I know Bubba is getting jealous about it.  He is the cute Border Collie.  The best part is the treats I get.  The baked cookies were on sale so Mom bought me and Bubba some.

Mom said my onesie came in at the vet today.  She makes me wear them and I secretly like wearing them but I will never admit it.  They are like someone is hugging me all the time.

My Daddy has been home all weekend and I have been sleeping in bed with him when Mom goes to work.  They put the bed on the floor so I could get up with them.  I missed sleeping with Dad in the morning when Mom leaves but now that I’m gaining strength it is a lot easier to get up.

Have to go for my Nap before Mom gets home.


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