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Duke's Journey

The Beginning

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My name is Duke and I’m a cancer survivor since Jan. 8, 2018.  It was Dec. 2017 when I started to notice a pain in my right ankle.  It began to swell and become hard, my Mom thought I had sprained my ankle and she iced it till I felt better.  The pain seemed to go away until closer to Christmas when I started limping and I didn’t want to run around anymore.  One day my Mom decided it was time to visit the Vet and at the Vet I get lots of treats.  The vet always has the good treats on the counter.  I even was able to go in the back for more hugs and treats until they put me under this thing (X-Ray).  This thing is what told my Mom I had Cancer.  That’s was the beginning of where I am now.

I had my amputation on my right leg on Jan. 8 and since then I have been in the crate at home when Mom goes out.  I don’t know where she goes but says its work, whatever that is.  Did I say that I HATE the Crate and the cone, I cant forget about the cone.  Mom lets me out when she gets home and takes my cone off.  I get to go out in the front yard with Mom, I don’t know why but she says I have to.  I would rather be in the back with my brother Bubba to bark and play.

I don’t mind not having my leg, it doesn’t bother me anymore and its not in the way.  I feel great and I can get around just like I did before just in a different way.  My Mom is always saying Slow Down but I don’t know what that means.  I just want to run around.

This is where I am today.  Soon I should be able to go outside and play with Bubba.  I hope I still keep getting the treats though.


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2 Comments so far

  1.   jerry on January 22nd, 2018          Reply

    Hey Duke, we’re so glad you’re on the mend. Hang in there my friend, soon you’ll be able to get out and pawty with Buddy!

    Hope to see some photos of you soon. Keep us posted.

    •   dukerbuddy on February 5th, 2018          Reply

      Thank you. I’m feeling really good right now. Bubba still wants to play but I’m not sure sometimes.
      Check out my Cool googles.

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